Sunday, 2 October 2011

Soldier Smurf at the Army

Envoy Roger and his son Aleric
Sunday morning and Smurf and Daddy meet up with Jim and walk upto Harbor Light Corps of The Salvation Army for their 9.45 bible study.  On the way we're stopped by a young homeless woman who asks us to buy her breakfast. We do and then she asks us to pray with her (I'm wearing Army uniform so she knows we love Jesus).  I tell her about Harbor Lighthouse centre and give her the address and contact details and tell her they can help her.

Jim and Smurf
This is Smurfs first time at an Army meeting and he loves it. Envoy Roger and Aleric (his little boy) start the meeting by giving the annoucements.  He (Roger that is) later preaches and amazing insight into John 18 - the story of Jesus in the garden when he's arrested, betrayed by Judas and an even bigger betrayal by Peter.

Jim, Smurf and I then walk back into the city and have a nice teryaki beef dinner.

The Japanese restaurant had free cucumber water ----- YUK!!!!  Daddy and Smurf can't understand why such evil stuff is allowed.  No wonder it's free!!!

Smurf later has his first taste of Starbucks coffee - nice!

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