Saturday, 1 October 2011

Smurf meets the famous Jim Marion

Well no sooner had we got back to the hotel from our morning walk than my good friend Jim Marion calls me.  He wants to meet Smurf of course!  So we head to the Westfield shopping mall (that's Shopping Centre for the Brits back home) and have a bite to eat.  I wasn't that hungry so I went for the SMALL bowl of chicken and noodles.... YIKES..... IT WAS HUGE!!!!

Never mind.... it give us loads of time to catchup on news of our respective families, our work with Oracle technology and our walk with Jesus.  Thanks Jim ... you're great company!  Smurf says you're pretty cool too and is looking forward to hearing your talk at OOW on PeopleSoft Tips and Techniques - he said if you're struggling for content then he knows how to program in SmurfinCode and SmurfaScript and he'd be happy to help you out with your presentation :-)

Here's a picture of Smurf on Powell Street watching the Cable Cars come down the hill.  The Cable Cars are famous in San Francisco and they're pulled along by a continuously running steel wire (cable) under the ground

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