Friday, 30 September 2011

Smurf Does Some Work

Smurf and Daddy spent another day at Oracle HQ with room full of ultra hi-tech geeks.  We learned a lot about Oracle software and hardware but it's all top secret and we can't tell you about any of it. (actually I'm not sure Smurf signed the non-disclosure agreement!)

We then had drinks by the Oracle swimming pool - nice. This is Smurf just about to take a swim


This is Smurf queing up to check in to the San Francisco Hilton hotel. Nice lights.... all a bit posh for me.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Smurf at Oracle HQ

Me and Smurf are staying a few nights in the Sofitel in Redwood Shores.  It's a bit posh and Smurf thinks he could get used to it.  Here he is here posing in front of the hotel.  The whole part of this coastline is built around a series of estuaries.  Check out the map her.  So the hotel and Oracle offices are surrounded by salt water pools and lakes.

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So our first day of work and Smurf and Daddy head down the road from the Sofitel to Oracle HQ. Here's a picture of Smurf telling us that the Oracle office is "big"... in fact there are 12 buildings (maybe more). Also, here's a picture of Daddy trying to look more cool than Smurf and pulling it off remarkably well helped out by the sun glasses and by wearing the suit that I got married in.  (well it was my 4th wedding anniversary).

Heading out with Smurf now for some Smurfin-dinner.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wednesday Night

The bed's a bit big but me and Smurf will manage.

Just been out with San Francisco Harbor Light Corps on their street outreach to the hundreds of homeless men, women, boys and girls living on the streets (and in their cars).  In addition to sandwiches and drink tonight we also we're handing out clean, dry socks.  I think we handed out over 450 sandwich and drink packs tonight.
Just some of the 9 person team out tonight


Smurf's first time on an aeroplane and he wasn't too naughty.

He slept most of the way while Daddy watched 3 movies and read about half of my book on the Kindle.  Mummy should definitely order the film "Source Code".  It's one of the best films I've seen in ages..... it has nothing to do with software.... and it'll blow your mind.  Great story!!!

Breakfast at Heathrow

Well we managed to clear airport security ok.  So... we're a bit earlier than planned so.... lets have some breakfast.  Naughty smurf had tomato ketchup with everything.  Daddy had healthy orange juice and meusli with yoghurt and fruit... oh and a nice cup of tea.

Smurf In USA

Aha... so the naughty little Smurf sneaked into my bag.  So looks like he has no choice but to get on the plane with Daddy to San Francisco.  I hope he behaves hmself.  America here we come....
Smurf waiting for the Heathrow Bus