Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wednesday Night

The bed's a bit big but me and Smurf will manage.

Just been out with San Francisco Harbor Light Corps on their street outreach to the hundreds of homeless men, women, boys and girls living on the streets (and in their cars).  In addition to sandwiches and drink tonight we also we're handing out clean, dry socks.  I think we handed out over 450 sandwich and drink packs tonight.
Just some of the 9 person team out tonight


  1. That is awesome Graham! Was Trey out there with you? I'll bet you were dead tired by Wednesday night. Are you already in downtown SF or at Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores? For some reason I thought you were spending a few days at HQ first.

  2. Hi Jim, 2 nights at Redwood Shores at the Oracle ACE Directors meeting. Getting a chance to meet many of the Oracle product development managers and directors. Awesome insight into Oracle on many levels.

    Yes... Trey was there and larger than life Larry. It was important not to fall asleep after the flight so an hours bible study on the 1st few verses of Revelation followed by some practical street work was just what I needed. So, Jim, what's the main reason WHY you would want to read the book of Revelation (

    Looking forward to seeing you again my friend.

  3. Trey is on the far right in the photo.

  4. I thought that was Trey, but I didn't want to offend the photographer by saying it was too blurry for me to know for sure ;)

  5. Yes, 1:3 -- blessing -- read aloud, hear, take to heart... But that doesn't make the prophecy any easier to comprehend :)