Friday, 28 September 2012

Smurf missed the flight to OOW 2012

Well it's Oracle OpenWorld again and I find myself in San Francisco again.  Sadly.... this year.... without Smurf.  Some amazing technology is at work to try and get him here before the conference finishes. Let's hope he can make it.

So, until Smurf arrives in USA, I'd like to introduce you to a new friend - Plimsoll.  I met her last night at a movie (Cars 2) and taco evening with the Marion's and she agreed to stand in for Smurf until he get's here.

Like a seasoned IT professional she makes straight for the coffee. Exactly what was needed during the first session of the day on Java.

More from Plimsoll later.

BIG BIG thank you to the wonderful Marion family for a nice evening.  I hope we meet up again over the weekend then I can share with you the biscuits you bought for me.  Biscuits with my name on  -  nice !!