Thursday, 6 October 2011

Last Day in SmurFrancisco

See the old 50's car at the back.
Our last day at conference in San Francsico.  Just a few photos out and about.  Today we had a burger in 1950's America Diner, built an Oracle Virtual Machine with PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 and joined the OTN (Oracle Technology Network). We'll be coming home tomorrow.  Can't wait to see all the little Smurfs and Smurfettes.  Here goes.... CLICK ME to read today's blog.
Burger and Chips.....yum!

Smurf joins OTN (Thanks Lillian for the badge)

Smurf building a VM from a HCM9.1 Template
Tributes to Steve Jobs at The Apple Store in Downtown SF
Smurf took a ride out front today

Look at me.... long climb up California looking down Mason

Drumming Busker with unusual drums!

Smurfin and Breakast at 10pm

Can't believe what a busy day Smurf and Daddy have had today.  Smurf has been everywhere, done everything and met everyone!

Here's just a few pictures...

Smur Blogging above Java One
Oracle Racing
Can you see Smurf with Keith C++ coder from PeopleTools development
Smurf with The Oracle stunt plane

Smurf liked Tom - He's a STAR

Smurf and the GreySparling iPad app
Hello.... you look hot!
Jim, David (friend from Utah University), Daddy and Smurf went out with The Salvation Army Harbor Light guys again on their Wednesday night outreach to homeless men and women that live under the bridges and flyovers.  God bless, keep and set free all those that we met, served and prayed for this night.

We were all just a bit hungry after so we hit Sam's Diner for breakfast at 10pm.  Nice 3 pancakes, bacon and eggs! Yum.
Dave Jim and Smurf getting ready for Breakfat at 10pm!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Smurf and the Americas Cup

Wow!!! Day 2 at conference is just information overload for poor Smurf.  Spent most of the day in Daddy's jacket pocket.  He was interested in seeing the Oracle's racing yacht and the Americas Cup on display though.  This is extreme racing. NICE!!!!

Out for Mexican steak with good friend Jim and then for coffee, cake, bible study and prayer time.

Early night for Smurf.

Smurfin the Internet

So...... checking into the Hilton was a painful experience. Took me over 40 minutes due to their computer systems crashing (not Oracle software I might add).  So I think for this reason they gave us complementary internet access but only for 4 days.  Doh! I now can't get internet anymore.... .except because my room overlooks the JavaOne Conference outdoor lounge Smurf suggested if I sit near the window I can pickup a wireless signal of the Oracle OpenWorld wireless net.... NICE ONE SMURF!

We're into Day 2 of OOW.  Here we go...

Smurf at OpenWorld

 Here we are. Frist day of Oracle OpenWorld conference and Smurf is wondering why he's the only Smurf here.

We get to mee Chris Heller and Larry Grey from GreySparling.  Smurf had his photo taken with Chris but Dad's camera didn't work and the picture didn't come out.

We both had a good day listening to people talk about computers and then went to the GreySparling cocktail party but Smurf didn't find any cocktails only a fridge full of Newcastle Brown!  We finished the day with a most delicious meal with the GreySparling crew at a fish restaurant called Farralon.  Check out the sound on their website. Very nice company and food. Thanks guys.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Soldier Smurf at the Army

Envoy Roger and his son Aleric
Sunday morning and Smurf and Daddy meet up with Jim and walk upto Harbor Light Corps of The Salvation Army for their 9.45 bible study.  On the way we're stopped by a young homeless woman who asks us to buy her breakfast. We do and then she asks us to pray with her (I'm wearing Army uniform so she knows we love Jesus).  I tell her about Harbor Lighthouse centre and give her the address and contact details and tell her they can help her.

Jim and Smurf
This is Smurfs first time at an Army meeting and he loves it. Envoy Roger and Aleric (his little boy) start the meeting by giving the annoucements.  He (Roger that is) later preaches and amazing insight into John 18 - the story of Jesus in the garden when he's arrested, betrayed by Judas and an even bigger betrayal by Peter.

Jim, Smurf and I then walk back into the city and have a nice teryaki beef dinner.

The Japanese restaurant had free cucumber water ----- YUK!!!!  Daddy and Smurf can't understand why such evil stuff is allowed.  No wonder it's free!!!

Smurf later has his first taste of Starbucks coffee - nice!

Smurf in Mel's Diner

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Smurf meets the famous Jim Marion

Well no sooner had we got back to the hotel from our morning walk than my good friend Jim Marion calls me.  He wants to meet Smurf of course!  So we head to the Westfield shopping mall (that's Shopping Centre for the Brits back home) and have a bite to eat.  I wasn't that hungry so I went for the SMALL bowl of chicken and noodles.... YIKES..... IT WAS HUGE!!!!

Never mind.... it give us loads of time to catchup on news of our respective families, our work with Oracle technology and our walk with Jesus.  Thanks Jim ... you're great company!  Smurf says you're pretty cool too and is looking forward to hearing your talk at OOW on PeopleSoft Tips and Techniques - he said if you're struggling for content then he knows how to program in SmurfinCode and SmurfaScript and he'd be happy to help you out with your presentation :-)

Here's a picture of Smurf on Powell Street watching the Cable Cars come down the hill.  The Cable Cars are famous in San Francisco and they're pulled along by a continuously running steel wire (cable) under the ground

Smurf in the Big City

So, our first night in the city of San Francisco.  Me and Smurf are in the Hilton overlooking part of the Java One conference on Mason Street.  When we went to bed the street outside our room was full of cars and in the morning it looked like this.  The whole street has been closed.

 We went for a walk through China Town and through the financial district where we saw a really cool tower block. Smurf said he liked the pyramid shaped office block.

We stopped and had a coffee and sticky cake (yum) read a book and then walked back to the hotel. Just around the corner from the hotel  we saw a couple a tap dancing break dancers.  Smurf said he liked the music and dancing.