Thursday, 29 September 2011

Smurf at Oracle HQ

Me and Smurf are staying a few nights in the Sofitel in Redwood Shores.  It's a bit posh and Smurf thinks he could get used to it.  Here he is here posing in front of the hotel.  The whole part of this coastline is built around a series of estuaries.  Check out the map her.  So the hotel and Oracle offices are surrounded by salt water pools and lakes.

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So our first day of work and Smurf and Daddy head down the road from the Sofitel to Oracle HQ. Here's a picture of Smurf telling us that the Oracle office is "big"... in fact there are 12 buildings (maybe more). Also, here's a picture of Daddy trying to look more cool than Smurf and pulling it off remarkably well helped out by the sun glasses and by wearing the suit that I got married in.  (well it was my 4th wedding anniversary).

Heading out with Smurf now for some Smurfin-dinner.

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